Why do people write blogs? School projects? To inform others? To inspire others? I know why I began to blog. This isn’t some dumb school project, I have nothing to inform others of, and I definitely don’t write to inspire people (I’m by no means inspirational). I mean I guess I could end up inspiring others but I’m using this blog as an outlet.

See I’m not an open book, in fact I’m that book ~closed~ at the bottom of the box, stuffed in the corner of the attic, collecting dust. I don’t tell anyone anything; I feel like it makes me too vulnerable and/or as soon as they find out my deepest darkest secrets, they’ll start to look at me differently. So all of that being said, I’m a reserved person and I don’t tell others my thoughts, so I write.

Yes I can write in journals, endless word documents, or any piece of scratch paper I can find (all of which I do by the way) but I still feel like I’m suffocating. I feel like someone needs to know my thoughts for me to feel better. Everything I’m writing down, remains for my eyes only so it’s still weighing me down; by writing this blog (with a hidden username so my friends can hopefully never discover it) I’m at least getting it out into the world with the possibility of someone reading it. Even if no one ever discovers my blog, it still has the potential to be discovered and I can’t explain why but that is more relieving to me then any of you will ever know.

And hey! Maybe one day I’ll be ready and just go balls out and inform the world (aka my friends) that I have this blog where I write down my most raw thoughts and darkest secrets. So that being said, if someone not only discovers my blog and also for some strange reason decides to read this post all the way to the end, well now you know why I decided to write a blog. I use it as an outlet because everyone deserves one.


One thought on “Why I Blog

  1. This is how we all start off, I promise. I remember when I wrote in my own little corner on the blogging world. I didn’t know if anyone would ever read what I wrote, but I didn’t care because it was more about me expressing myself than anything else. Soon enough I started to realize that more and more people are thinking and feeling the same way I was. I started to learn that I wasn’t alone and soon enough after 5 years my blog is what it is today. I just personally love to connect with people who I can relate to. So go out and be free, write your heart as you please!


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